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King Calzaturificio

Why did he call his brand King? A male name, for such sophisticated women's collections? "To give it a global sound, which was important even back then", Giovanni explains with a smile. "I started out with a focus on british-style men's shoes. Those were the boom years in Italy, and you could feel the itch for change in the air; The first men on the moon, Marthin Luter King marching on Washington, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the legendary woodstock festival, cultural transformations, politics... I too felt the need to reinvent myself and be a part of that revolutionary mood that was ushering in a new era, so i moved into women's footwear. I began adopting special techniques that were just coming into use at the time: Stitchdown construction, San Crispino construction, slip-lasting, Tubular moccasins."
Are there any particular archivements that you remember fondly? "My pride and joy: boots made of cowhide at the time, this material was used only for sewn or nailed footwear and gluing it wasn't the least bit easy. More then fifty years later, my dream is carried on by my two children, Sofia and Giacomo, who share my love of shoes, and are firmly dedicated to providing my costumers with the outstanding products they deserve."


PHASE PATTERNS: designer exterior, interior and exterior designing, construction of the upper internal and external, external realization of heels, soles external realization, realization of the internal sampling, CAD systems for the phase of modeling. MATERIALS: leather origin Italy (Tuscany), leather tanning Italy (Tuscany), Italy provenance lining materials, lining materials tanning Italy, use tissues, use of inks, paints use, use of adhesives, solvent use, use accessories with Italian origin, with funds coming from Italy. STEP CUTTING: use punches and shears for cutting phase (diemaker external), cutting leather inside and outside (by hand, with automation and shearing), cut lining materials inside and outside (by hand, with automation and shearing). PHASE giunteria: cambratura internal and external, internal and external SPLITTING, fleshing internal and external, internal and external folding machine, stapler inner and outer eyelet internal and external, internal mold release, last-maker outside FORMIFICIO outer sole factory outside Solettificio external Guardolificio external, internal and external tomaificio. DURING ASSEMBLY: Interior and exterior mounting, bonding inside and outside. PHASE OF FUND: external funds, carding / buffing external, inner bonding, pressasuole inside and outside, prefix heels and nails heels internal and external milling soles / heels external, internal and external grinding, external stitching. PHASE OF FINISHING: internal finishing, brushing internal finishing (dyeing and polishing) inside. PHASE OF STOCK: internal box-shielded, warehouse.


Calzaturificio King srl, Contrada San Domenico n. 20, 62012 Civitanova Marche (MC).